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At Pat Kirk Ltd we value your business.  Our aim is to ensure that all your after sales requirements are fully met by offering a service tailored specifically to the needs of your vehicle.

For franchise specific Service Offers & information please view the Aftersales sections of Ford, Nissan & Mazda areas of this site. These areas can be found from our homepage. We are also an Authorised Repairer for Chevrolet. Please contact us to discuss your repair or service needs.

Why Get Your Car Serviced at Pat Kirk Ltd?

Research shows that a third of drivers wouldn’t buy a second hand car without a full service history.

Using a franchised dealer for servicing will add value to a car when it comes to selling it. With the average used car selling for £5,500, research from ICM Research* indicates that a full service record could be worth up to £1,500.

The research found that one in three buyers would not buy a car without a full service history, and that greater value is placed on cars with a full service history from a franchised dealer than from an independent dealer.

At Pat Kirk Ltd we repair all makes and models of new and used cars and invest in the latest diagnostic equipment so we can repair even the most complex of jobs.  We also have a wide range of menu pricing offers specific to your vehicle's annual mileage. Menu pricing means that you can avail of competitive rates every time you have your car serviced. Ask us today.

Did you know that we are amongst the cheapest franchise labour rates in the whole of Northern Ireland? We are, and if you don't believe us you can check it for yourself. 

Booking An Appointment...

At Pat Kirk Ltd. we offer a fixed appointment system to suit you.  Just complete your details in the form on the right including the day and time that suits you.  We will email you or call you back to confirm your booking.

It goes without saying that while we have your vehicle in for servicing we will happily provide you with a lift* to and from wherever you wish to visit if required. We also operate a courtesy car scheme and if we know in advance that you require a courtesy vehicle while your car is being serviced we can make one available for you. Please ask when making your booking. (*Within 5 miles from garage)

Pat Kirk Ltd Service Plan.

We here at Pat Kirk understand that car maintenence isn't the most exciting of expenses, it is for this reason we have set up our Service Plan Scheme.

Designed to offer you hassle-free motoring, we tailor our service plans to best suit you, and allow you to spread the cost of servicing through monthly payments- just like you would with household bills!

Manage your motoring the cost easy way- call our service team today on 028 8225 1515 to find out more!


Air Conditioning Services.                                                                      

Enjoy the hot weather....from the coolness of your vehicle.

If you have a vehicle that is fitted with Air Conditioning or Climate Control, you'll be fully aware of the comfort it can bring in maintaining a cool temperature whilst driving in hot or humid conditions. However, you may not be aware that like other components that make up the mechanics of your vehicle, your Air Conditioning Unit requires regular servicing to ensure it is both operating correctly and hygienically.

Why should I have my Air Conditioning serviced?

  • To reduce gradual build-up of bacteria & contaminants.
  • To prevent build up of unpleasant odours.
  • To avoid allergies, sore throats & other allergic reactions.
  • Qualified Technicians are able to replace leaked refridgerant gas
  • In-Car climate has a direct link to driver fatigue.
  • Efficient Air Con Units keep fuel costs down.
  • Most manufacturers recommend servicing your Air Con System at least every 2 years.

Pat Kirk Ltd Air Conditioning Sanitise & Re-Gas.

Our fully trained Vehicle Technicians will firstly examine your Air Conditioning System to ensure that the levels of refrigerant levels are in line with manufacturer guidelines and working as efficiently as possible. If you have found that your A/C System doesn't seem to be as cold as it was before it may indicate that either gas has leaked, or your system requires a re-gas to return to the optimum levels of functionality.

During the colder months, drivers tend not to use their A/C as often, resulting in the build up of bacteria and other contaminants. Usually this build up becomes apparant when in the warmer months, the A/C is activated and the cabin fails to smell and feel as fresh as it should do.

Our Technicians will provide a full anti-bacterial clean to purify and eliminate any bacterial build up on the filters. Pollen filters will also be checked and advice given. All existing or remaining gas will be safely removed, with a pressure test carried out to ensure no leaks are present, before fresh gas is filled back into the system ensuring maximum cooling and heating performance.

Prices start from £50 - please contact us for a quote.

*R1234YF speciality Gas also catered for. Prices may vary.


At Pat Kirk Ltd. in each of our parts departments we stock a large selection of genuine Ford, Nissan & Mazda parts and accessories.  Genuine parts will not only help restore your vehicle to it's original condition but a selection of parts also come with a 12 month guarantee to ensure complete peace of mind.  For any other parts, including specialist parts, we can source these within 72 hours.

Contact our Parts team today.

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