Hybrid & Electric

At Pat Kirk Ltd Nissan we are delighted to be taking a step towards electric, with a range of both new and used electric vehicles in stock.

From mild hybrid vehicles to plug in hybrid and full battery electric vehicles, we have something for everyone… whether you are an ‘Electric Expert’ or new to the world of electric vehicles and just want to know more – our sales team are here to help.


Did you know there are various types of electric vehicles? As well as fully electric cars we have a selection of hybrid vehicles, all of which offer lower emissions compared to internal combustion engines, making them more economic and easier to run!

Mild Hybrid

Mild Hybrid cars are the easiest way to switch to electrification. A petrol engine drives the wheels while an electric battery provides support during acceleration, up hills and while cruising. The only change you’ll notice is improved fuel efficiency and a more comfortable drive — particularly in stop-start traffic.


Hybrid vehicles add an electric motor to your everyday petrol engine to bring you many of the benefits of electric, without the need to charge. The system seamlessly switches between electric, combustion, or a combination of the two, automatically applying the most efficient driving solution.

100% Electric

Powered by an electric motor and battery pack, you'll never need to visit the petrol station again. Electric power is clean, silent, efficient and cheaper, but you do need to charge, which may mean planning long journeys and installing a charging point at home.


e-POWER uses a petrol engine to charge a battery and that alone drives an electric motor which powers the wheels.

Electrification across the Nissan Range

Are you ready to turn your spark into reality?

With Nissan's award-winning, unique electrified range and electrification legacy, we are the perfect people to help you make the switch to electric.

To book your test drive in this exciting model, or any other model in the electrified Nissan model line-up, please contact a member of our team NOW!

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