Servicing an EV

Switching to an electric car means less wear, reduced knock-on effects and minimal servicing. Electric vehicles still need to be correctly maintained and serviced regularly – the same as any other car, but servicing is easier, quicker and cheaper because EVs have fewer moving parts than other vehicles.

At Pat Kirk Ltd our technicians are franchise trained with specialist certifications to service electric vehicles, so your car is in safe hands when in our workshop.

Technicians around a car

Battery Electric Vehicle Servicing

Servicing for an electric vehicle is similar to that of a petrol or diesel car, but the main focus is to check the electric motor, battery pack, and high voltage electric cabling. The usual checks to tyres, steering, brakes, suspension, lights and electrics will still be carried out, along with windscreen wiper replacement.Although oil replacement isn’t required, your electric vehicle will still need a top up the brake fluid, coolant and windscreen wash.

The motor of an electric vehicle has around 20 moving parts, compared to the hundreds found in a traditional combustion engine, meaning fewer parts to replace over time, and making servicing much more straightforward.

A study by car data experts CAP HPI said that EV service costs are 23% cheaper than petrol and diesel cars. 

Many manufacturers offer a 5–8-year battery warranty, and many batteries can last 10 years on average, but this depends on the make and model of your car. Charging your vehicle to 100% capacity could lead to the battery wearing out more quickly. An 80% charge is ideal for keeping your battery working at its best.

Hybrid Vehicle Servicing

Hybrid vehicles contain an electric motor and a petrol/diesel Engine, meaning you get the best of both worlds. Impressive fuel consumption (MPG) and no range anxiety for longer journeys. Hybrid vehicle servicing is a bit different than 100% electric vehicle servicing; it requires a check of the motor and engine and as well as this, still requires oil changes.

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