The New Qashqai has been unveiled

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Nothing stands still for long in the highly competitive crossover segment that Nissan pioneered with the original Qashqai.

In the three-and-a-bit years since the third-generation Qashqai was launched, it has sold more than 350,000 units in Europe and continues to set the standard for crossovers – the pioneer and still the benchmark. And to maintain its place in its segment, it has received a comprehensive aesthetic refresh, as well as significant technology updates.

From bold changes to its exterior styling to comprehensive updates to the infotainment and connected services on-board, the philosophy behind the changes to Qashqai is to keep the essence of what consumers love about the car, enhance its strengths and add even more intuitive and convenient technology.

Three new colours have been added to the Qashqai’s palette. Pearl White is new and features a cleaner, pure tint that appears to give a glow in certain lighting conditions. Pearl Black replaces the previous black option and has a richer black tint and has the effect of sharpening the definition of the Qashqai’s visual geometry.

Deep Ocean is an eye-catching shade. It appears to sit somewhere between dark blue and metallic teal depending on the prevailing light conditions. It’s sure to spark the conversation among passers-by whose eye has been caught: “is that Qashqai blue or maybe green?”.

Five of the Qashqai colours – Pearl White, Deep Ocean, Fuji Red, Magnetic Blue and Ceramic Grey – are available in two-tone, with a black roof for a more distinctive look.

A new addition to the Qashqai line-up is the N-Design grade. Conceived to appeal to Qashqai customers who’d like their version to be particularly bold, it features unique aesthetic touches. On the exterior, the lower body portion below the doors and the wheel arches are body-coloured on N-Design. There are also unique, all-new 20” alloy wheels which bring added on-road presence.

Once potential or existing Qashqai customers have had their interest stirred by the refreshed exterior, that curiosity will be heightened once they immerse themselves in the revised interior.

The pace of progress in the automotive world is now closely related to the progress in the areas of digital and processing technology. And in this area, the updated Qashqai has harnessed that progress to make the daily driving experience even more intuitive and reassuring.

In keeping with the pioneering spirit that gave birth to the original Qashqai and which invented the crossover segment, e-POWER is the unique electrified powertrain that has proved so popular with customers since its launch in 2022.

In the world of engineering, the simplest ideas are often the best. And e-POWER perfectly reflects that principle.

The petrol engine generates the electricity which is used to drive the wheels. This is far a simpler solution than the myriad traditional hybrids on-sale today.

The result of that simplicity is a drive experience which combines responsiveness and refinement with efficiency – with no compromise on driving pleasure. Thanks to e-POWER, customers no longer need to accept a mediocre driving experience as they do with traditional hybrids.

Since its launch on both the Qashqai and X-Trail in September 2022, Nissan has sold over 100,000 e-POWER equipped vehicles in Europe – with customers loving the electric drive feeling.

In summary, the challenge for the design, engineering, planning and production functions who have been working on the updated Qashqai with such dedication was how to keep the essence of what customers love about Qashqai, but enhance it in areas where they could identify improvements that would make them love Qashqai more – and to add new innovations to cement that love.

The updated Qashqai is now in production at Nissan Sunderland Plant, where more than 1.3 million units have been built since the original was launched in 2007.

Qashqai is now the most manufactured model at Sunderland Plant. Last summer the plant built its eleven millionth vehicle since production began in 1986.

If you would like to register your interest in this new and exciting Qashqai model, please register your interest with a member of our Nissan Sales team today.