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Protect from the spread of bacteria in your car

Protect from the spread of viruses and bacteria in your car with Aircomatic Treatment
Clean and disinfect your air conditioning system

Why Clean?
• Clean systems inhibit bacterial growth
• Cleaning physically removes dirt, grime and accompanying germs leaving poor conditions for bacterial growth

Why Disinfect?
• To eliminate most germs like bacteria, fungi, algae and toprevent growth of microrganisms and viruses
• Disinfected systems are protected up to 6 months from bacteria re-growth (NEN 6265 test)

• Nebulisation process guarantees contact with all the components of the air conditioning system (including the filter and the evaporator)
• Aircomatic treatments have a cleaning effect on systems and physically remove microorganisms on systems

What other benefits can we gain from disinfecting?
• Reduction of bad smells is immediately noticeable due to inactivity of germs 
• Helps to prevent infections and allergic reactions by cleaning
• Excellent sanitising treatment to avoid future infections


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Ford Omagh

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