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£2,500 Donated to Koram Centre, Strabane

Added: 07 February 2020


£2,500 Donated to Koram Centre, Strabane

At Pat Kirk Ltd we are keen advocates of supporting local clubs, charities and businesses when possible.

From September 2018 we are delighted to have supported the Koram Centre, a very worthy cause situated in the heart of Strabane.

The Koram Centre is a registered charity, offering professional therapeutic intervention and psychosocial support. The centre offers a confidential and professional service in a safe environment, working with individuals, groups and families. The aim of the centre is to promote emotional wellbeing and good mental health by offering a personalised treatment plan.

£5 from every service carried out at Pat Kirk Strabane has been donated to the centre, and as this sponsorship draws to a close we would like to announce that we have raised a remarkable £2,500 for the centre.

Speaking about the fundraising Johnny Gamble, Service Manager of Pat Kirk Strabane said,

“At Pat Kirk Strabane we are delighted to be handing over a total of £2,500 to the Koram Centre in Strabane. We have no doubt this is a very worthy cause, and the money will be put to good use, changing the lives of the people of Strabane and further afield.”

When explaining the impact this donation will have, Eva Johnston, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Koram Centre had this to say,

“The Koram Centre is so grateful to Pat Kirk Ltd, Strabane for their endorsement of the work carried out on behalf of the people of Strabane to support their mental health.

We are neighbours at lower Main Street and Pat Kirk Ltd has helped every counsellor at the Koram Centre with flat batteries, flat tyres and other car related issues in a neighbourly manner. However, no one could have expected the £2,500 raised to fund counselling at the Koram Centre.

It takes an enormous amount of effort to raise that sort of money. £2.500 covers a lot of sessions of counselling and assists a lot of people to get through very tough periods of their lives. There is no way of estimating the impact of this fund on the people of Strabane. A lot of suffering is transgenerational affecting people of different ages across families. The relief that is brought about through counselling can be life changing.

We want to thank Pat Kirks for considering us for this fund and commit to making every penny of it count towards making life better in Strabane.”.

Here at Pat Kirk Ltd, our main aim is to maintain our reputation as a professional company, which supports our local community. We believe that the Koram Centre is so deserving of these donations and we are committed to helping people change their lives for the better.