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Keep your car ready for when you are

Added: 08 May 2020

Keep your car ready for you when the time is right.

We all know how important it is to stay home as much as possible right now, but we want to ensure your car is ready for when the time is right to get out and about again. Below we have listed just a few of actions you can be taking now to ensure your car is in tip-top condition for when lockdown is lifted.

  • Start your car once a week and let it run, to keep your battery charged. This could be to do your weekly shop, preventing unnecessary journeys. By taking your car for a short journey this will also prevent brake disc corrosion, and will circulate coolant and engine oil.

  • Keep your tyre pressures at their highest and recommended levels. Try to park in different spots to prevent flat spots.

  • Keep your fuel tank topped up, as this will limit condensation in the tank

If you drive an electric vehicle (EV) such as the Nissan LEAF there are a number of additional measures which you can take;

  • Put your vehicle in ‘Ready Mode’ to operate the charging system, doing this once a week for 15 minutes should keep the battery topped up

  • Refrain from using your EV’s telematics or connected services while the vehicle is parked up, as this can drain your battery unnecessarily

  • It is recommended that your charge is between 50% and 80%. Don’t leave your vehicle plugged in once the battery has finished charging.