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Stay Safe This Winter!

Added: 01 November 2019

Take care of your car over the Winter months…

Halloween has just past us, and as we prepare to go late night shopping for Christmas, we should take into consideration that the darker days mean we are more than likely going to be travelling outside daylight hours.

We have some tips to help you prepare for the colder days to come:
?Check the weather forecast before you start your journey
?Check all fluids are topped up- coolant, screen wash, fuel and oil
?Check lights are working and clean them regularly
?Check tyres every week for at least 2mm of tread

Contact our Service Department today to get your car booked in for its winter check! To ensure safety on the roads during the winter months, it is essential to take care of your vehicle!

?Call us on 028 8225 0777 or send us a private message!